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Brisbane SEO freelancer.

Hi, I’m Jimmy! I’m a digital marketer and web developer. I have over six years experience in both fields. Born in Sydney but I call Brisbane home now! I’m a digital specialist who deals with both strategic and tactical point of view. I’ve freelanced for the most part but have been employed across a multi-national state Government organisation, one of the largest independent state Law firm, multi-chain barber-shop, just to name a few.

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Like the sound of 150%+ ROI? My clients do every month *

Based on a my e-commerce clients, they’re seeing ROI up to 150%+ from my CRO + SEO services. To be honest, the most common problem I see from my clients is constantly chasing new customers and forgetting their past customers. It cost LESS to rekindle than to hook.

My services isn’t just about increasing your search position. My approach is to increase exposure, encourage conversion, and nurture customers.

* average ROI is 35-50% typically for e-commerce / service clients.

On average, I save my clients 33.9% off their ad expenditures *

I’ve achieved this by gradually reducing their reliance on paid traffic, and focusing on their organic search rank position via search results, Google Places (if local) and referral traffic (social).

My traffic formula is based on my 33.33% rule.

  • 33.33% of traffic will come from paid traffic
  • 33.33% will come from organic search results
  • 33.33% will come from referral traffic (inc social)


* based off average of total clients expenditure figures.

Find out how much I can save your business, and increase your search engine rankings.