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Ever tried to perform SEO on your website yourself? Gone through all those technical step by step guides that you read from books, SEO analysers or blog articles?  The theoretical step by step SEO guides are a thing of the past, unfortunately, they no longer are working methods and usually don’t bring in results.

Without getting a proper SEO audit done on your website, all your efforts on improving your website’s rankings goes to waste. The problem is that businesses believe a great link building or content marketing strategy is all they need to rely on. However, the first starting point on optimisation should be your website itself.

Why should I get an SEO audit done?

Identify core issues such as speed, tags, keyword usages, link structuring etc.

Addressing common issues could potentially assist your ranking effort

At Si6media, I believe that to achieve long lasting rankings in search engines, one of the most crucial method is first to address internal issues on your website. Not only will I assist you in improving your website rankings, but also assist you with reaching out to your targeted audience more efficiently.

Why Si6media?

Deal with a SEO professional with 6 years experience.

Work directly with me, no taking chances on having juniors working on your SEO auditing.

Work with a Brisbane SEO freelancer with a SMEs and corporate portfolio

Agency quality, freelancer prices.