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This is the age of the internet. Everything is transforming in the digital age. Anything you need is now available on the internet. If you are starting out a business, you advertise on the internet.

The age of marketing in the television and newspaper is fast going out of fashion. It is costly and people prefer searching for the product they need on the internet rather than watch television ads. All the new start-ups are now preferring to advertise on the internet which is a lot cheaper and more efficient.

The basic theme of optimisation is finding out the words and related words that are most likely to be searched by the potential customer. For example, if someone was starting the business of providing household items, he would advertise the contents using the words that involve these words. These words may include cheap household, household delivery etc.

On-page Optimisation

A common optimisation is done through on page method. It includes writing the contents of your website in a way that will result in the best possibility of your website being displayed on the search page. It includes optimised titles, and URLs, writing the description suing the keywords. It is important because once the page is found, it has to contain useful information otherwise, the visitors won’t visit again.

Off-page Optimisation

The other method is off page optimisation. It includes embedding the link on other social media websites like facebook twitter and google etc. writing the description on these websites is also important as these sites have a huge follower base.

If these websites have a good standing in a particular website like a facebook, it has more chance of being bookmarked and shared on the web. This helps a search engine gather more information about the utility of a particular website.

At Si6media, I believe that to achieve long lasting rankings in search engines, one of the most crucial method is first to address internal issues on your website. Not only will I assist you in improving your website rankings, but also assist you with reaching out to your targeted audience more efficiently.

Why Si6media?

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