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For many website owners, the number of visitors are the only aspect of audience retention that they care about. I’m here to tell you that this approach is very wrong and what really matters is if your visitors are doing what you want them to do on your website (the definition of conversion rate optimisation). This can vary a great deal from visitors buying a product, downloading a file, signing up or subscribing on your website.

Whatever your goal is, your conversion rate optimisation is what can make the difference between the same level of monetisation between a website with over 10,000 daily viewers with a low conversion rate and 1,000 daily viewers with a high conversion rate.

What are the benefits of focusing on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

The benefits of getting your conversion rate optimisation right are massive, you will require less visitors to make a set amount of money on your website then with a mediocre conversion rate. It is seriously the difference between a successful and non-successful website.

To truly begin reaping the benefits of a good conversion rate optimisation on your website, you must have an appropriate single or set of call to actions, these are parts of your website that execute specific actions such as downloading a file or purchasing a product.

At Si6media, I believe that to achieve long lasting rankings in search engines, one of the most crucial method is first to address internal issues on your website. Not only will I assist you in improving your website rankings, but also assist you with reaching out to your targeted audience more efficiently.

Why Si6media?

Deal with a SEO professional with 6 years experience.

Work directly with me, no taking chances on having juniors working on your CRO.

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